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  • Large rimmed pewter tray
  • Handmade by artisans in Northern Italy
  • Made from lead free alloy of tin, copper and antimony that is FDA approved and food safe
  • Hand wash only with gentle dish soap and dry completely with soft towel; do not pre-soak
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures 

Pewter is an alloy (a combination of base metals) that is made of tin, copper and antimony. To truly be pewter, an alloy must contain at least 92% tin; Match Italian Pewter contains 95% of the highest quality tin, and absolutely no lead. Hence, the "95" that is stamped into each piece of Match Italian Pewter.

About MATCH:
MATCH was founded 1995 and introduced America to the beauty of Italian pewter.  Each piece is hand crafted by family owned workshops in northern Italy.  Some pieces are crafted from a mold of an antique or vintage piece. Each piece of MATCH Italian pewter is an heirloom and intended to be used and cherished for generations.

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